Climate Change Risk Assessment workshops in NB

A one day workshop is being offered through the New Brunwick Climate Change hub will provide infrastructure practitioners, planners, managers and decision-makers with information about, and practice with a practical tool and process that systematically assesses the risks of current and future climate on civil infrastructure.

Engineers Canada, in partnership with Natural Resources Canada, has developed and completed testing and evaluation of the PIEVC Engineering Protocol, which is a structured procedure using standard risk assessment methodologies to assess and fully document the vulnerability of infrastructure to the impacts of current and future climate. Two facilitated group sessions will demonstrate the steps in the Protocol through hands-on, small group exercises to define the infrastructure components and climate parameters and to undertake a qualitative risk assessment using completed case studies to illustrate real life applications.

This workshop will be of interest to engineers and geoscientists  who are involved in the pre-design, design, operation, maintenance and management of civil infrastructure. The  need to consider future  climate for these activities applies to  new infrastructure or rehabilitating or retrofitting existing infrastructure. It will also be relevant to municipal planners, managers and operators of infrastructure as well as provincial and territorial regulators and policy-makers to better understand the challenges that civil infrastructures face with current and future climate.