Risk Assessment of Climate Change Impacts – Victoria

The City of Victoria has just completed a risk assessment of climate change impacts. The greatest risks from climate change as identified include heat waves and the risk to public health; flooding both small localised and larger floods which can pose risks to public health and damage property, sea level rise and extreme weather events and impacts on the natural environment. While i have not yet read the entire report, I am slighltly surprised that there is no mention of the impact on the surrounding marine environment of Victoria and the extent which some sectors rely on fishing and other marine tourism activities.

With this completed Victoria also completes the first two milestones in the ICLEI local government climate change adaptation planning process.

This may be one of the areas where some governments are actually ahead of industry by starting to do risk assessment of climate change impacts.  I know that the city of Vancouver has just released a similar effort.  Industry may have already been doing this of course but dealing with issues at a corporate risk level and not talking about them as much.

See the link below for the full press release;