I have created a global map of reports where there are significant impacts to communities and areas from climate change.  I am trying to locate what i call are “chronic” impacts as opposed to “acute” impacts.  Acute impacts are more one-off events which are occurring more often but it is very difficult to link one particular occurrence to a warming world and a changing climate.  The dice are loaded to roll more “6”s implying for extreme weather events.

This could include:

  • Sea level rise
  • Glacier changes
  • etc.

What i am trying to map by linking to other websites and sources is how the impacts of climate change are actually changing human behavior. Maybe in the future i will also link to animal behavior changes – changes in migration patterns, tree ranges etc.  For now, i will not be including those.

In addition I will be trying to source only those sources which i consider credible and “real” I will also be trying to keep the links to the original sources that i find. It may not be the original source, but I will try and link to the first source that i see.

Plans for the future:

Feel free to contact me and provide me with more information and sources and i will curate these and decide on my merits whether to post them to the map.  If this really takes off, I may also include original video – crowd sourced, citizen science based to further document and provide evidence on what is happening to the planet.

In addition, n the future I would like to build a timeline for when these events were first reported and when they first occurred – may not be the same date.

I will also plan to include a filter to that events can be filtered by type of event (plans for the future)

Where is Climate Change already having an Impact?