Hey folks…I want this to be the place where you people report on local impacts which you believe may be due to climatic changes. Think of this as your own personal news service for posting and documenting with video, photos, text and even maybe voice on the climate change impacts that you are seeing. We can build a network!

I am not looking for good solid evidence but a place to report on local impacts and events that may be occurring that are not widely reported on the local impacts of a changing climate. I realise that we cannot attribute possibly any of these impacts to climate change at this point, but i want this to be a place where people can share what is happening and how the world is changing or how we perceive the world to be changing in our short lives…The key word being perceive…Post videos, stories, pictures.

If this works, I can also add subcategories under this to reflect the impacts that are being submitted..

A new multimedia website just began in Atlantic Canada  (http://www.climatechangeatlantic.com/)  with videos and all. I will start to share some of the stories and videos here – if I can figure out how to embed them.  Here is the first one on climate change in Atlantic Canada.


A short video from Arctic explorers on some personal observations from their trips in the Arctic.




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