Is satire part of the climate culture Hack? Yes of course

As part of this blog’s continuing effort to support the cultural shift that I feel is needed for humanity to really change what we do, and our expectations, here is video making fun / satire of the Koch brothers. If you want to perform your own version of the song and possibly get a viral hit, grist has the vocals here.

Of course, for those of a certain age, it is  obvious that this is satire of the “We are the World” video series.  Here is the original..

I think I will be checking out the people who have produced this as well “Funny or Die” and see if they have any other videos!

And of course the version done by Canadian musicians, called Tears not not enough!. Enjoy!

Highlighting the creative perspective – pivoting the blog

I have been struggling to maintain content so I am in the midst of considering a pivot.  As one of my earlier blog posts pointed out, one of the gaps that I was thinking was the lack of an artistic perspective on climate change and a lack of engaging the artistic, creative human mind to imagine a future which is not apocalyptic but is positive (and not techno-optimistic) and realistic.  Of course, since then I am coming across lots of artists of all types who are creating work and challenging this viewpoint and trying to address the cultural gap that is there.

To that end, I may be pivoting this blog to start highlighting all of the various efforts to use the creative and not necessarily just artistic brain to highlight the challenges and potential solutions to humanity in a world with the almost inevitability associated with climate change.

First off, there has been a series of pretend forecasts of the future done by the WMO.  They are called weather reports from the future.  Here is one for Canada in 2050  (en francais with English subtitles).

While we are at it, here is a comic from XKCD with their own take of a weather forecast from the future!