Street Artists in Paris – Stirring the Pot

With COP 21 going on right in Paris, all of the wires, social media feeds and email user groups are firing at all cylinders with all of the announcements and press releases around what everyone is doing on climate change. I thought I should contribute.

I am most certainly torn in many ways.  While policies and carbon pricing is needed to internalize all of the costs, a part of me still thinks that we actually need a cultural reset about our society and how we live.

Let me use just one example, if all of the cars are replaced with electric vehicles – will that solve the greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.  Well no, then we need to ensure that all of the power plants are not using fossil fuels and what about all of the new power plants and other electricity generating facilities that will have to be built, will they all be solar power and wind – I suppose they could be.

Then think of all of the energy and mining and disposal that has to go into the manufacture and recycling . repurposing of that technology. Maybe given enough time and human ingenuity and price increases, all of these issues can be solved with a technological fix, but in the next 30 years, I do not see that happening. I do try to describe one view of getting to a low carbon future in this previous blog post.

I have strayed from the intent of my blog today.  I mentioned that i was going to try and highlight the artistic perspectives on climate change.  As I mentioned many times already, I was not seeing much and as soon as I started looking, I was seeing more and more.

To return to COP 21, apparently there a bunch of fake ads going up in Paris be created by street artists with themes focussed on climate change all organized by Brandalism.  One of these is illustrating the extent of corporate involvement in COP 21, when corporations are often seen as one of the barriers to action and change.  Sure they will embrace incremental change, but we may need more than incremental change to actually address the climate change problem.  Then of course, as soon as they were up, the ad company who was also a sponsor of COP21 was taking them down.

Here is the article from Fastco. 

Here are some pictures of the posters ;