Welcome to my blog and my personal musing on risks of a changing climate on investments, infrastructure and society.  This will be less about how the climate is changing or may be changing but trying to apply those changes in a risk based way on infrastructure and other investments.  This will tend to take a longer term view which of course increases uncertainty.  I will also be discussing key sources and events in the area of climate change risk assessment as well as linking to some of these.

This blog is a way for me to share information and some thinking with the wider world (if people are at all interested) as well as a way for me to document some of my thinking and organize some if the information that I come across related to climate change risks. Undoubtedly observers will also see my thinking evolve as I start to understand and engage in a debate about these issues.

I also want this to be the place where you people report on local impacts which you believe may be due to climatic changes.  I am not looking for good solid evidence but a place to report on local impacts and events that may be occurring that are not widely reported on the local impacts of a changing climate. I realise that we cannot attribute possibly any of these impacts to climate change at this point, but i want this to be a place where people can share what is happening and how the world is changing or how we perceive the world to be changing in our short lives…The key word being perceive…Post videos, stories, pictures. Hopefully I can figure how to allow you to do this. Please visit the climate impacts page ( https://climarisk.wordpress.com/climate-impacts/)


To contact me, please send me a comment or use the contact me form on this page


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