General comments on climate change impacts in Canada

As Canada is quite large, any climate impacts and adaptation effects can only be looked at in a regional context.  However, if i can make some general observations and for the moment minimize or ignore the regional lense, the types of climate change impacts which are likely to be just as prevalent here as in other places include,

– changes in rainfall patterns including severity and frequency of precipitation

–  water resources includes the Great Lakes and the other inland water resources

–  Impact on the arctic

– Impact on the prairies, with increased heat and possibly more frequent drought

Impacts which are not less significant to Canada as compared to the impact that they will have on other countries include;

– increased number and strength of hurricanes and other similar storms

– Sea level rise – although Canada does not have a large urban environment that would be subject to sea level rise. Clearly there are some Vancouver, Victoria, Halifax and others, but with Canada being so large and relatively small population, the impact may not be as significant as for other areas (including US, Holland etc.)

– Impact on growth and industry (partially because of the population density as well as the lack of limitations in most areas of the country)

Some areas of the country which are going to feel constraints from climate change and its impacts could include southwestern Ontario including the Grand River, Southern BC and the Prairies. These are the areas of the country which strike me as being most on the margin and pushing many of the limits from a regional perspective.