Costs of Climate Change in the North

Some areas which are reporting increased climate change costs include the  Department of Transportation of the Government of the Northwest Territories. In response to a question in the House, the government has identified 4 areas of increased costs associated with climate change including these potential areas;

  • Increased glycol use at airports for de-icing
  • development and purchase of ice spray technology for use on ferries
  • settlement of the Dempster Highway due to permafrost
  • increased road and gravel applications to highways
  • delayed opening of winter roads
  • extra frost and ice removal at the airport
  • purchase of ice penetrating radar to estimate ice thickness
  • increased highway maintenance costs
  • the need for climate change assessment and studies
  • Construction of test strips on highways
  • plus others

The government does state that it is difficult in some cases to attribute increased cost directly to climate change as some of these increased costs are about preparing and adapting and planning for climate change.  There are some interesting issues to pursue here in the future including the best practices for building in the north and the vulnerability assessment done of the airport.

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