Normalizing impacts from natural disasters

Some interesting blog posts from thinkprogress and legal planet on the many factors and issues around determining if climate change is contributing to increased damages from natural disasters. Think progress summarizes a recent Munich Re report which was just released, which I cannot find as of yet.

The legal planet blog raises some interesting points, mostly showing some data where the deaths from natural disasters, all disasters actually decreases as the country becomes wealthier.  The thinkprogress reports also discusses some of the issues and difficulties in normalizing for increased urbanization and other effects.  There are arguments that better weather forecasts, better building standards and better communication to warn people are difficult to normalize and makes it much more difficult to understand if climate change is increasing the amount of damage from climate change impacts.

As the future unfolds, additional actions will be taken as adaptation which will also be difficult to normalize when comparing past damage events to future ones.


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