Seven states, seven warning signs of global warming

Another couple of articles talking about  signs of global warming and climate change in the U.S.. Like any article from the US the comments always have lots of statements about the fact the global warming is not happening, the point that it is a huge campaign by scientists to get more government money for research – as if governments has lots of money and scientists are scamming everybody and retiring at 50 etc..

Some of the signs being seen in the states are similar to ones being seeen in Canada and discussed in an earlier blog post – bark beetles, heat waves and drought, interstate trade on the Mississippi river is dropping because of dropping water levels [would be interested to see what the increased costs associated with this are], wildfires, West Nile spreading.

Seven states, seven warning signs of global warming –,0

I would argue the second one is more sensational and needs to be read with a little bit of a more secptical perspective.  For example, while the article does mention that malaria was eliminated in the US in 1951, it does not make the link between malaria being in the US in the early 1900’s and malaria coming back because of global warming.  Why was malaria in North America in the 1900’s and before and maybe that would be the same reasons that it could be making a comeback.  This means that it could be independent of global warming and climate change.


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