Environment Canada offers Peter Kent tips to describe impact of climate change

The Calgary Herald printed article based on a memo written by Environment Canada for the Minister of Environment on the impacts of climate change in Canada.

See: Environment Canada offers Peter Kent tips to describe impact of climate change.

There is link in this article to the 33 page memo on the climate change risks.  The Calgary Herald summarizes the memo and the impacts in the memo could form a key part of any climate change risk assessment for Canada.

For example – There is talk about droughts as well as warmer winters allowing the pine beetle to expand its range and overwinter in the forests of B.C. and Alberta and then get over the Rockies into Saskatchewan. Historically the pine beetle was kept from making it over the Rockies because of the cold winters in the Prairies.  It would not historically been able to survive the winters.

More risks and impacts identified included  lower water levels in the Great Lakes forcing ships (see previous blog post for a reference to another article) to lighten loads.

The memo written by EC to the Minister is here



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