Adaptation vs Mitigation

Adaptation is quickly becoming part of the conversation when talking about climate change.  It has become less about mitigation over the last few years as the economy has struggled and people are less willing to talk about addressing carbon emissions because of the perception that they will cost money.

Many jurisdictions national, regional and state or provincial are starting to think about a transition to a green or low carbon economy and recognizing that this transition can be done at minimal costs.  Of course jurisdictions are transitioning to this low carbon economy in many ways including subsidizing low carbon industries like solar and wind.  British Columbia has taken an interesting approach by implementing a carbon tax and attempting to make it revenue neutral so that this policy measure does not actually cost more and reducing carbon emissions does not have to cost money as the system is to be designed so that other tax breaks are brought in at the same time to make the carbon tax revenue neutral to companies and individuals.

In another blog post, I will talk a little about some jurisdictions and how they are planning for and adapting to climate change.


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